All about the AJIO #DoubtIsOut show at Lakmé Fashion Week!

Earlier today was a show simply billed as #DoubtIsOut at Lakmé Fashion Week. Anticipation was super high especially after yesterday’s flash mob. Turns out it was the to introduce AJIO.COM, a new online fashion & style destination by Reliance Retail.

AJIO ( – pronounced ‘aa-jio’ / ‘आ-जीओ’), the online fashion and style destination of Reliance Retail, was unveiled with a preview at the country’s leading fashion event, Lakme Fashion Week Summer / Resort 2016. AJIO brought in exceptional women achievers from unique genres as showstoppers who epitomize the ‘Doubt is Out’ movement.

AJIO also presented the unique & innovative concept of ‘Shop-able Runway’ at the show. The ‘AJIO Shop-able Runway’ offered an instant shopping option to audiences for the outfits showcased on the ramp. On clicking the link,, users could directly reach the shopping section for the specific outfits on AJIO’s website. The show was streamed live in order to reach out to fashionistas across the country.

The AJIO made a statement at LFW with its #‘Doubt is Out’ campaign, which appeals to the woman who is empowered, who knows what she wants to be, and is confident in being who she is. With its ‘Doubt is Out’ Campaign, AJIO encourages fearless fashion.
I know that I’ve faced a lot of self doubt in my life & still do to an extent. Everyone has different personalities & I can be reserved, shy & pretty socially awkward – they don’t seem like idea traits for a blogger + vlogger right, since a large part of my work includes making (parts of) my life public & creating digital content that is consumed by thousand of people daily, mostly strangers.

So yes, I doubt myself often. So I don’t think my personal strength lies in completely eliminating self doubt – to me it lies in feeling doubt & still pushing past it, ignoring it & moving forward. As a child or teen, I was bullied & called names for not liking things everyone else seemed to & having my own unique interests, dressing in a style that appealed to me even if it wasn’t based on current trends. Growing older, starting this blog & expanding my horizons has made me much more comfortable with marching to the beat of my own drum, so that’s why I felt so strongly attracted to AJIO’s message of Doubt Is Out.


Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, the transgender activist, walked the ramp to ‘Gender no bar’. This was one of my favorite parts of the show, because I’m very drawn to androgynous fashion! AJIO

The first Indian woman to fly an MIG fighter jet, Suman Sharma, walked the ramp for ‘Career no bar’.AJIO

The bubbly Bharti Singh, known for her stand-up comedy on reality shows, walked the ramp effortlessly to ‘Size no bar’ AJIO

The original Bollywood ‘item girl’ Helen walked danced down the ramp, demonstrating ‘Age no bar’ & driving the audience mad! I loved her energy.AJIO

The gorgeous Sunny Leone closed the show with ‘Choice No Bar’

The AJIO Doubt Is Out show was one of the more unique shows I’ve seen in a while. It was of course about the gorgeous clothes but went beyond that & sent out a powerful message, a reminder that I’m sure all of us can use!

AJIO online store will feature a collection of over 200 international and national brands as well as own-brand merchandise comprising apparels, lingerie, shoes, accessories, and jewellery. You can check out the website here (& shop too!) x