A couple of months ago, I wrote about an afternoon with Patrick Cameron, Wella’s global hair ambassador. It was very enlightening, & I learnt about a lot of do’s & don’ts relating to hair, styling, how to use products & more. We also got to get our very first glimpse of the new Wella EIMI range, which has a lot of innovative styling hair styling products. Today I’m sharing a review of three that I’ve been using for a month now.

I’ve had short hair for the last few years now, & a lot of people assume that short hair is easy to manage, but I’ve found that to be quite a myth. My hair is thick, unruly & has a tendency to frizz out badly in humid climates. Sure, short hair has a short drying time but otherwise I’d say that it’s often even more challenging than long hair, because I can’t tie it up if I’m having a bad hair day! So I have to spend time & effort coaxing it into submission, mostly with a hair iron.

Despite being a beauty blogger, I’m also a self professed lazy girl, & I don’t like to have to spend more than 10 minutes each on hair & makeup before getting out of the house on most days. I’m constantly looking for products that help me streamline my routine & keep me looking good without putting in much effort. And I’m glad to say that the Wella EIMI range has been helping me with just that…

WELLA Professional EIMI Styling Range

Wella EIMI Perfect Me

Perfect Me is called a lightweight BB lotion for your hair & I couldn’t think of a better description. Just like a foundation or BB cream that you use for your makeup base, this is the perfect base for your hair. It works like a leave in lotion, it nourishes & protects your hair without weighing it down in the least.

Wella EIMI Root Shoot

Hair mousse is one of those things that I never used much – partially because I didn’t like the texture & also because I found it difficult to work with in the past. However this is definitely different from the (few) mousses I’ve used in the past because it’s super lightweight. You need to spray it towards your roots when your hair is still damp, & once blowdried it gives an amazing amount of volume. You can even use this on days when you just want a bit root drama but are still going with a more natural, messy look & air-drying your hair (in this case, use a hair brush to lift the hair on your root area while it’s drying, for best results).

This is not something I use everyday, but a wonderful thing to reach for when I want a bit of extra drama in the root area, because flat roots are not a good look on me.

Wella EIMI Dry Me

I suffer from roots that get oily fast, so dry shampoo is already a regular part of my arsenal. I don’t wash my hair daily, so I can just spray some of this on second day hair (again concentrating on the roots) & my hair looks fresh as this absorbs all the oiliness. There’s nothing much to say other than this is very easy to use, just like the other products & does it’s job excellently!

Another point I’d like to add is that all these products smell sublime, which is just a bonus! A majority of people’s hairstyling routines is very simple – oil your hair, shampoo & condition it & then some after wash leave in creme or oil. The Wella Professionals EIMI range brings professional products, mostly only used by hairstylists to every person. I’m definitely looking forward to trying a few more.

Now there’s nothing stopping you from playing with your hair, heat styling & doing whatever you like… after all, You Only Live Once!

What does your hairstyling routine look like? Are you looking forward to using this range? x