From the average age of 11 to sometime in their late 40s or 50s, most women menstruate. In fact, most women menstruate at least 3,500 days (that’s around 9 1/2 years, to put it in to perspective). And yet most people shy away from talking about periods, even more so in conservative cultures like India.

I’ve been using Whisper pads for over 13 years now & I’ve really liked them – both for making top notch products & for great campaigns that aim to banish superstitions & taboos around menstruation.

Introducing the all new Whisper Ultra Soft

This Women’s Day I spent the evening with Whisper at the launch of the newest product, the all new Whisper Ultra Soft which is now 2x softer.

It was a dreamy event held outdoors & with lots of pretty pink and white decor. Radhika Apte has always been a trailblazer & she was the perfect person to represent the brand. Gynaecologist Nandita Palshetkar also spoke about good hygiene practises while on your period.The New Whisper Ultra SoftIt was a fun & empowering day, to say the least!

My Experience with the new #UltraSoft

I’ve had the new Whisper Ultra Soft for a while but I wanted to hold off on writing this post until I tried it for myself.The New Whisper Ultra SoftThe packaging is quite all pink with a little bit of green, very cute if you ask me 🙂

The New Whisper Ultra SoftThe pads, like most Whisper ones are individually wrapped & compact, it’s easy to stick one of these in your bag.

The New Whisper Ultra Soft

Whisper Ultra Clean vs Ultra Soft

I have quite a heavy flow, especially in the earlier days & tend to use pads with a mesh top & gel inner as those are very good at absorption. Most recently I’ve been using the Whisper Ultra Clean, which I reviewed last year.

However, I do have very sensitive skin & I had been experiencing minor rashes & irritation after each period, even frequent changes didn’t really improve things. The first thing I noticed when I switched to Ultra Soft is (& this one is a no-brainer) that it really is very soft. Even wearing it for long hours caused zero rashes & it just felt very comfortable. Whisper did say that the Ultra Soft was especially good for sensitive skin & they weren’t kidding around. I’m absolutely a convert.

Other than the softness / comfort / sensitivity factor, there’s a lot more interesting tech in the new Ultra Soft – it has odourless pearls that lock away any unwanted odours, it locks in liquid to prevent spillage & leaks. These haven’t been major areas of concern for me, & the new Ultra Soft seems to hold up well.

The new Ultra Soft is available in two sizes – I tried large but there’s also extra large, I find longer length give me much more peace of mind during days with heavier flow or overnight.

One last thing I wanted to add – as much as I love the girl power message of period ads, I’ve always found some parts of them annoying. There are always these active, brave women wearing white pants & jumping over walls & it just feels a bit extra, you know? But I still really like the underlying message-

Whisper knows periods can be a little uncomfortable, annoying & painful for some of us. It is a time where we as women need to put our needs first. If I’m comfortable during my period, I’m already in a better mood.

And then, it’s all about choice. Are you a sporty, active woman who wants to do everything? Your period shouldn’t hold you back from going out there. Are you like me, a bit of a grouchy couch potato during that time of the month? You can take the time of to rest & watch Netflix. At the end of the day, it is about being comfortable & being in a place where you can actually make a choice, now that’s a message I can completely get behind!