A happy little fat cat amongst flowers, to brighten up your Monday.

It’s a pretty well documented fact that we walk our cat. Yes, you can giggle if you’re reading this for the first time, I’m used to pretty bemused reactions. Although we have three cats, we only walk our eldest, Thelma because he’s bolder & curious about the world around him.

I’ve blogged in detail about how we leash trained our cat & shared more pictures of Thelma on a harness here.

Walking the Cat | Cat Harness Walking the Cat | Cat Harness Walking the Cat | Cat Harness

I took these photos last year, when Thelma was still our only cat (we’ve added two more since). Summers mean less frequent walks because it gets a little too hot for Thelma to handle – he actually pants like a dog in the heat. But he looked so cute here, among the periwinkles so I had to snap a few photos. The first one might be my favorite photo of him ever!

I hope these photos brightens up your day. Have a great week ahead! x