1. The fact that winters in Bombay aren’t too cold. It still looks like summer during the day but you can feel winter in the air.
2. Technology, particularly gtalk, facebook, twitter & skype so I can keep in touch with my parents & not feel the 7,641 mile distance as much.
3. Friends to eat pizzas with, friends to eat gelato with, friends to chat for hours with, friends to explore Bombay with. You sure are lucky when you get that one friend who does all these things with you. 🙂
4. A nice roof over my head. (courtesy my parents, obviously)
5. Blogs & blogging. I’m thankful for my blog & everyone who takes the time to visit/comment; I’m also thankful for all of you amazing bloggers whom I read regularly, who never fail to inspire me with your posts & photos.
6. My cameras. I love them so much, some more than others.
7. Mailmen & courier delivery guys. Thanks, without you guys I wouldn’t have been able to get awesome stuff from around the globe.
8. The few friends & family that care. This is to everyone who upon hearing I would be staying alone, offered to help, offered their homes & the few who keep calling to know I’m safe. Thanks so much. ♡
9. My iPhone. To me it is officially the most awesome device in the world. It multitasks so well. Day planner? iPhone. Kitchen timer? iPhone. Music? iPhone. Bored? Games on the iPhone. Light meter? iPhone. GPS? iPhone. Check/write email? iPhone. Take awesome photos? iPhone. To me there is nothing this nifty little gadget cannot do, it is by far the best phone I’ve ever had, my next phone too is definitely gonna be a newer iPhone. Again, thank you to my parents.


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