A little while ago I showed you some photos of a trip to Colaba in December. These are the analog photos from that day. I still feel weird when I think about how many cameras I had that day- Canon EOS Rebel XS (dslr), Lomo LC-A, Fisheye 2 as well as the instax mini. Just thinking of it makes my back pain again.

Lomography Fisheye 2 x Fuji Crystal 400
Fuji Instax 50s x Fuji Instax mini

I got the Fisheye photos developed very recently & was quite upset when I scanned them in, the photos are all just OK & there’s not even one I really like! 🙁
As for the instax, I’ve had it for quite a while now & have been using it continuously but this is the first time I’m sharing scans from them on the blog. Instax mini film gives mostly true-to-life colors, so if you’re wondering why the colors are so off & everything has a green tint, I don’t know! Something was wrong with the pack of film & all the pictures from that pack turned out like this. At first I was pretty disappointed but then I grew to like the photos, they look rather lomo-ish.

I must say that it was a rather fun day, also seeing the joy on people’s faces as they see instax photos ‘appear’ is such a nice feeling. 🙂

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