The epic David Bowie Is V&A exhibition ended less than a week ago. Although I didn’t get to attend, I bought myself the accompanying book anyway.

I won’t go into great detail (as Creative Review has already done a review with a lot of great information). I’ll just show you a few pages, some favorites & some random ones.

Keeping in tune with the exhibition’s branding, the color bright tangerine with the same photo from the Aladdin Sane session. I also have the bag (or, umm, two bags…)

David Bowie Is… (deluxe hardcover)

I really liked seeing the medium format contact sheets, because you get to see the outtakes as well. The first one if from when he was a mime. A lot of you must have seen this stunning photo by Terry O’Neill for the Diamond Dogs cover, but here’s the whole contact sheet, uncropped & unedited.

The storyboard drawn by the man himself for the Ashes to Ashes video.

One of the best songs ever written {for the uninitiated}.

Album covers: The Berlin era & beyond.

Bowie in film.

Storyboard for the Escher inspired Within You sequence from Labyrinth.

There’s so much that I haven’t covered, including costumes throughout his career, etc. I’m not lying when I say that it’s an absolute must have for any David Bowie fan. Lot of the material is made public for the first time & it’s pretty vast. The quality is absolutely superb too.

I ordered it online. I’m not sure how long this will stay in print as it’s meant to accompany the exhibition (that just ended) so if you’re looking to get this, don’t snooze!